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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sorry friends but i ve been sick and working too much in different recording projects. The time has gone quick.

Berlin keeps being the lazy place we all know, with the small problem that people wishing to take their future in their hand are being blocked by the german society, unable to cope with the multicultural phenomena.

Foreigners as clowns.

This is my conclusion after so many years in this town. The burocracy has taken over and even the musical and the artistic world are nowadays in berlin an absolute matter of burocracy and privileges. The ones trying to break up by themselves are being ignored or exploited by the german community. This an amazing discovery and i do believe something is about to happen in the cultural scene of this town.
The policy of privilege and, put it that way, of art racism is turning the landscape into a strongly polarised cultural life.In one hand you have the culture of the leisure time, the complicated (and childish) art of some people selling themselves much to expensive. It is the portrait of the UdK artits; a potential book burner, especially if you dare to speak to their girls.on the other hand you have people coming from the whole world atracted for the space that berlin is still offering.

Back to Nuremberger laws from 1935.

The main thing is to avoid that foreigner reach a professional recognition and that s why more than 70% of the foreigners in germany are unemployeed. The rest works cleaning toilettes or just taking care of the german children, something that germans hate doing.or selling food.
So basically at this point, the situation is not really much different than in 1935. Germans hate qualified foreigners and all the people in general with more education than them. Which according to pisa studies seems to be very easy.
In order to avoid that the business runs compleatly out of their hands, qualified foreigners are being sent to places that, by far, don t have anything to do with their education. The right to work in your profession is only given to the germans.

free communities are about to bloom.


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