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Friday, October 06, 2006

ernesto en berlin


Dear bloggers:

it happens sometimes that people , despaired after some years on endless vacation, try to do something possitive in life.
they have good cards, one of the best places in berlin, in the old factory in front of schlesisches tor. They have very good cards, as i said before, a nice hangar, the most beautiful lights...the best beer , ecological beer from Freiburg (another place to avoid, see tocotronic)... but unfortunately they don t get it right, and do you know why? because they are a bunch of analfabets trying to get money from the other analfabets from universal records and MTV. Mainstream shit, music just like in the radio (avoid the radio, as well) but being in bar that advertises like "LEISESTE UNTERHALTUNG IN KREUZBERG", so they try to make out of such a silly unique selling point something original. Low music is one of the most horrible german shit ever. -Play the music lower, don t take me out of my inner peace...

Yesterday it was horrible being there. Fortunately my partner was much nicer than the bar... which helps to concentrate on life instead of this non sense pretending you are cool.
We got some flyers from the bad boys from "sugar candy mountain" ( another mainstream venture from the very mainstream productor apprentice Mr Tobias Nöthen, who s trying to set another cheap trend of electronic show off and lots, lots of very expensive digital instruments. Anyone would say he s on charge of the european divison from yamaha or Korg, and this is what these people are trying to sell us under the category of electronic freak out... Anyone who has heard , let s say 10 records in his life will find this proposal flat and uninteresting, so pls don t call us spoilers or big mouths, we are just talking about the most obvious thing ever: technicians should stay away from creative musicians. It doesn t matter how long you stay beside these technicians; they never understand anything. Even worse are their drum sets, usually being recorded with the most expensive equipment ever. They don t get it clear with the compression, sorry guys, just an amateur like me is getting a better sound out of his small computer. You guys with your 36 tracks at once don t get it to the point of being minimally interesting. Nice people, bad musicians.

another interesting example of what pop music should not be : index, the band. Check their bad demo in myspace. These guys using a pro tools system in the rehearsal room to record their farts are not only bad musicians without ideas, but bad people as well . I will report you later about this very bad band...


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