ernesto en berlin

Night clubbing, pop, art, and different daily perversions in berlin. Laziest place in the world.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

ernesto en berlin


one of the most stinking activities of the first world is the art.One of the most disgusting places, in general is the art gallery.An one of the most disgusting types, in general is the artist, and especially the berliner artist.
The strategy of explotation of the third world takes us to the wealthy banks of, let s say Rhine or Thames or Hudson Rivers where the children prepair their collections after having had spicy tuna with sushi for lunch.
It is the need to be cool what takes people out of their homes with the dream to gain the appreciation of one closed circle of people who always refers to itself.
Willing to belong to that circle might be like flirting with the woman of, let s say, you boss, if you have ever had one.
As an alternative strategy i would mention the femenine art, within the art as especially turbulent and let say it, especially unartistic.
Bringing clothes from very far countries and showing them in an alternative show room, together with the pictures of the savages is the exhibition of the future.


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