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Saturday, September 02, 2006

FRIDAY , September the 1 st was the first KULKU concert of the new line up, kulku 3.
To answer the questions of the old crew who wanted to know more about the reasons of the split up of the band i just can say that the other members of the band seemed to be more interested in their own egos than in the kulku project.
For some sentimental reasons that i ignore and don t want to know, andreas and johanna are still playing music, or should i say conceptual art ? with the other two guys.
More about the artistic quality and the performing excellence of johannes, (whatever he s called) will probably get known through his narcisistic obsession to be the bride of every wedding and to be the just borned baby in every baptism ceremony.
Due to the heavy metal leanings and fake art performances , the wrong way to arrange and overproduce everything and, let s say it oppenly, the elitistic tendency of the austrian dictator, i had to take the decision not to play anymore with him and not to follow his silly ideas any longer.

I always knew that Mr. Johannes whatever didn t show a big appreciation to my person and to my work. During our first practise day the guy was really upset everytime i played guitar. i had never seen such unpoliteness and jealousy in grow ups since years, so i was wondering how long it would take until the other members see the manipulation and waste of time that this guy was causing.
It was very disgusting to have to cancel the kulku concerts in swiss because of the selfism of these two guys. And then we had to start again being only three.

As people saw last friday, being 3 people has done good to the music of the band. This music has become direct and honest. Kulku is not hiding anymore behind the dream of a frustrated artist but going to the roots of something called rock, invented by illiterate blacks rather than by failure austrian students coming from the countryside with wrong ideas and a lot of second hand mozart.

So, dear friends , there wont ever be 3 fleemarket guitars out of tune in a song like "night of the monsters", there wont ever be a barroque bass line in "boom boom bye bye", and hopefully the public won t have to swallow any kind of art performance before the kulku gigs...

Back to the concert. It was a festival and there were many bands playing. Most of them were very bad, especially the ones singing in english.Once again the girls were doing the nicest things until the place got full of people willing to see kulku and brace choir, who were more or less the resident bands with the biggest following.
The organisation was sweet and caotic, as usual.

I saw some people from mitte hanging around and wondering how can it be that the boys from kreuzberg are definetely much more cooler than before, despite the high foreigners rate of the district. It s usual to listen there uptown that in kreuzberg live "too many" foreigners. This is in general a well known idea in germany, that kreuzberg is not berlin and berlin is not germany, so where we live is a kind of free republic.

I had a dream after the concert. All those funky germans would take torchs and moloty coctails and would head to the main offices of the majoritarian political parties , and destroy them by setting those buldings on fire. But it was probably only a dream...


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