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Thursday, September 14, 2006

ernesto en berlin

Nobody can accuse the people from white trash restaurant, close to rosa luxembourg platz for not doing the right thing; you know: take advantage on the rich tourists who are looking desperately to be cool.
The need to be cool in a world taking things constantly so serious is an option for your wallet and your leisure time.
White trash is the biggest berlin rock and roll market where you see almost everybody and where almost everybody see you.
My third DJ gig was the best, because of the interesting feedback i was getting all the time.More musical than the last two times.
I m going to show some charts, especially a list of requests:

1. La legana Sinfónica. This compilation ist the most interesting music compilation of the last years. It s very white and very trash and not very well know in berlin where people despice the spanish underground scene. About this i just say: small scene: better scene sometimes. A big fish told me "hey man why didn t you play right from the beginning". Trash-demolition hot rods etc...

2. New deutsch compilation. Almost as unknown as the other one. This time the topic is the german new wave, still in the time as the germans didn t want to sing in english. This is raw electronic so some drops in white trash are ok, but don t exagerate.

3. The evens. Between the concert of that crazy (and tremendous) doom-country singer i played the evens and got the feeling that from wednesday on everything will be going down-hill.

4. The flaming groovies. Slow death set the restaurant on fire with those choruses and agressive guitars. Not very well know as well in electronic land. Someone told me that they ruined their life with cocaine. I just cant imagine being on stage, on cocaine and playing those guitar lines, solos, licks and whaterver. That band was a melodic factory, producing guitar melodies

5. talking heads. thanks for sending me an angel. Nice girl on the corner moving her head and her feet to the music.Thanks god for sending me a smile.

6. The beatles. This is just incredible how the people still request beatles songs everywhere. You cannot be wrong by asking for something like that, but i m sorry but i didn t play any beatles song. I had been listening over the whole week to george harrison and george.I m going to show more appreciation for paul but im not going to play beatles in white trash.Sorry.

7. love. You set the scene at 4 AM. Majestatic.

8. an invitation to suicide. Suicide with electric guitars. Someone told me "im freaking out with the music you are playing". diddley. Just play the whole album.

10. The monks. the same


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