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Sunday, September 03, 2006

ernesto en berlin


1. Johhny Cash, Folk Music and country revival suck since years. The hope to sell us everything including hillbilly shit and underdevelopment, lets say roots from a place that always had the beuty of not having roots, sucks as well. There is no thrill on listening those western banjo bands from the thirties, especially when whatever you are hoping is that the whole system falls definetively apart. Including the pop music.
2. Electronic music and MTV Hip Hop suck as well. The most disgusting electronic music is the german elecronic music where only console seems to have some personality.The electronic principle is very close to a very old ethic-asthetic principle of the avantgard. With the loss on ,lets say greatness, that the democracy actually means to the avantgard. The new years demand that cheeky fascination for doing nothing. The ideal berlin musican is the electronic musician. You only need a lot of money and a lot of time to develope your abbilities and start being known as someone who plays music which is the real matter. Is a matter of economy. Not to invest much time, much passion on something in order to go on holidays one more time. Being an electronic artist is a matter of status, in the same way than going on holidays to asia with the money of the unemployment office.
3.R n B. That s the end of the black music, exhibing themselves like gorillas in a zoo just for some money. Bad times for rebellion, brother.
Even worse than the hip hop ist RNB especially if they are germans singing in english. Just pathetic is the hip hop and the R n B in other languages.
We find really repugnant the french hip hop scene.
4. Experimentall Art. It was a nice thing to schock the old guard, but the world is needing now very clear messages and not to hide behind something that can only be understood be the "right ones". The right ones are the wrong ones.


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