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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This will be an interesting blog for people interested in berlin as place to play music and do "as less as possible". Welcome to the laziest place in the world, get to know the laziest people in the world, the cheekiest. You ll have to perdon my english but the only reason to write in this language is just to be understood in order to avoid translations that would go against the sacred principle of this place, and of course of this blog: don t do too much, don t show too many of your abilities if you wanna get along with the berliners. Too much is much worse than too little...

The first blog day had to be a rainy day. Nothing going on apart from my last appointment with the university s teachers, and my last credit before i get ignorant and free. And i leave the university for ever.

I met Ela on the street, My old girlfriend. She was telling me about her son and her Husband. so very boring. I couldn t help but feel a bit sad. It happens when you meet people from the past who did n t get to the present. The main reason is unknown. Sometimes you might think that people get into your life by chance, and they stay by chance as well.

Ernesto garcia is working with his friends, Amandine Artaud and Thomas Hiller, on the recording of the" hommage to Houllebecq". This is just a new summer recording, on August. The town is empty.Most of the people are on holidays. Houllebecq seemed to be an appropiate writer for this atmosphere of doing nothing and being always angry at the whole world.
I will tell you about the progress , but i guess this houllebecq recording is going to be the best since my last demo...


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