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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I just got the first complaints about the language of our blog. As i said yesterday , i d do everything in the language of shakespeare and Mickey Mouse but unfortunately i d had to translate those pages of my "novel" (jajajajaja..."the novel") into english and i d go against the main principles of the blog. English readers, pls don t judge me very hard. I m not trying to take over the editorial business on your language , and even less to deteriorate your language. Here is just a matter of communication. German readers: be sure that ab und zu you willl get a bit of information on your beautiful language, but first lets be pragmatic...PRAG-MA-TISM is what we need nowadays in these scene.

1. Schlesisches Tor, the golden alternative Mile ,sucks. This will be the first district that without having become a real alternative to bloody Mitte (jaja... berlin mitte...the underground is over !) will fade away before it gets to the press.
There was an attempt a couple of weeks ago to turn this ghetto into somethiote the ng well know and very, very alternative, but the laziness of the country, the extreme laziness of the town, and the unbearable laziness of the waitresses did the rest.

2. During the Football WM, the cultural activities got a bit of cosmopolitan taste and i saw some neighbours, (that kind of people who vote the green party) smoking sisha on the street just to give it a twist. People from TV (even more disgusting than marketing people) came here everyday. Turkish bar owners put the german flag high...

3. The only three places on this area that you should visit are:

SOFIA cafe, in the wrangel str. Good coffee, Gender clientele, rock and roll sometimes and most beautiful waitress, without question.

MYSLIWSKA. In the schlesissche str, almost with the cuvry str. They were the first. Just avoid Wednesdays and Sundays because of the lazy unpoliteness of that nazi waiter taking pictures of the female customers. The rest of the days is very nice to be there. Unfortunately the droping of the living standards since HARTZ V has turned mysliwska in something like TIFFANYS where only the PREMIUM people dare to join. You might spend your whole life there and you ll see how NOTHING changes, and nothing happens. to this inmobility we give them the price, but remember , no wednesday and no sunday.
No sundays in mysliwska. the new waitress of sundays is unpolite and is only in it for the money.
Some new comers have been hanging around there lately. People coming from the other side of the river. From the crime factories of universal records and MTV. Organized crime.

ITALIAN COFFEE SHOP-PIZZERIA IN FRONT OF THE UNDERGROUND STATION. This is a classic too. Especially if you are making a sociological experiment. Just sit down there and watch. DIE SOZIODEMOGRAPHIE IST DAS WICHTIGSTE.


the rest. SAN REMO, in front of the bridge... what a silly place full of MITTE people looking for a new business. what a bunch of art Students... we recognized everybody there... WAITRESSES are good though, especially the one with the turbant

SUSHI RESTAURANT. Well, only idiots eat sushi in a turkish-Hartz V Ghetto. take them back to mitte ! hang them high !

KLUB DER VISIONÄRE. They make lots of money, but the bier is warm. Such incivilized costumes will find no regret at these pages. Electronic music makes the rest. Avoid electronic music and assholes with laptops pretending they are musicians. There are thousands in berlin. The electronic music itself deserves some extra on these pages..

BEI GINOS RESTAURANT in der wrangel str. Some Junkers arrived from their shores in München to open a restaurant in berlin, in berlin underground. It s german food very nicely prepaired and Lecker but the whole thing is a bit...


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mwhahahahaha.. the nazi waiter im mysliwska.. very funny.. very lazy.. sometimes I miss the mysliwska

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