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Friday, August 25, 2006

ernesto en berlin

First angry reactions against the blog. Mostly unreasonable people who don t want to be criticized. Democracy falls out especially in this so called art scene.
Art as dictadure would be an interesting theme for the weekend.

Meanwhile we continue with the rehearsal for the next concert of KULKU , taking place, as usual in Trickster next Friday , September the first. Up to 22. You know already trickster, in front of the bridge in that old factory.
We will be playing with the incredible BRACE CHOIR, usual allies on our underground battles out there.
The repertoire is just fantastic, and not loaded with thousands of exotic instruments. it won t be a multi-instrumentist celebration.

Yesterday i went to prenzlauer berg. Not by mistake, just to visit a friend who s working in an ice cream shop. The impression of all those thousand of students on their thirties hanging around the coffee shops , with their new T shirts and shoes was just like being in the university. Everybody knows that that people are living that way at the expenses of the big long row of HARTZ V unployees.
It was just like to ocupate a new country. Like a small war. Those rednecks from hamburg, München ,lets say WEST GERMANY rednecks just arrived from a new holiday wiped out the old east germany artists, comunists, intelectuals and old people to steal them their flats. Nobody complained. Nobody knows about anything.They were probably on holidays as that happened .
Today a dark cloud of UNZUVERLÄSSIGKEIT has brought the doubts about that replacement :winners for losers. The winners were so boring, so arrogant and so bad educated that, 15 years after those abuses, we, who still remember how life was in Prenzlauer berg before the occupation, point at them with the finger and blame for the robbery of these last years.

Their companies went to bankrupcy despite the financial support of the unemployement office and some extra money from their parents. The newest apple computer were sold...


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