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Friday, August 25, 2006

ernesto en berlin

cinema at home

due to the rain and the hard crisis of the last days, we decide to stay at home and invite some people.

the first film of the session ist EYES WIDE SHOUT from KUBRICK. VHS tapes sound and look much better than most of the DVDs.
Well , the film is supposed to be the last work from that big director, a misunderstood master piece and so on...
Main atracction is the big orgy where Nicole Kidman loses points very clearly compared to the naked models than run through that palace,
We have strong difficulties to emphatize with the scientology church and people like tom cruise and we have to think that kubrick was probably looking for a couple of actors with experience in living together., cooking together, raising children etc... so a family of hollywood actors.
America has misunderstood the surrealism on the same way that europe has misunderstood the whole cinematographic art.
This is not a bad film at all and both , Kidman and Cruise will hardly ever have such a chance to proof their capacities. Kubrick wanted to be surrealistic and much too enigmatic, but the film is still worth a couple of hours. We like especially the scene with the naked model on the sofa after taking a good speedball of heroin and cocaine...we will probably have to go to berlin mitte to find such women...but they don t take the film is better than the reality, which is the main characteristic of a good film...


Oh god. what an incredible master piece of the low fidelity and the strange. This klaus beyer is a freak from neuk├Âlln making a animated version of the "yellow submarine" of the beatles with analog cheap equipment. The original soundtrack is the right track , the instrumental one, without the lyrics of every beatles record plus the devastating freaky singing from beyer who has understood something that most of the germans don t know: the german language is as beautiful as any other to sing. I would even say that these songs sound better in german than in english. Normally, especially if they are coming from the countryside, and the countryside in Germany is very big, most of the german bands use to sing in an horrible english (well have to remind our kind readers that we write in english only to be understood by the few people who didn t learn spanish yet) that ruins the whole music. I think this movie is more important than what most of our beloved people from the other side of the river would think. Germans should sing in german. They don t have the talent they think they have and they ruin everything by trying so desperately to sound american. Even more disgusting are the swedish attempts to become americans, but this will be another topic for the next days.
Back to Beyer and his freaky world: es ist zuviel zuvieeeeel !!! It must be difficult to find this tape but i can only recommend it. It s good as well for the lost psychodelic sons who try to sound like the pretty things or the KInks. Psychodelia is in your mind.


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