ernesto en berlin

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ernesto en berlin

Berlin Art Manifest. first perversions

The best possible way to become rich in Kunstmarkt should be a free form of...

The best of doing nothing ist to see how people dont get anywhere the same than you and if the summer reaches Christmas time you can be sure they will be people complaining about the cold in summerchristmas.

The christmas kommt from Amt regularly and consists in your favourite Heimspiel.
Sie came last year to town with the idea to become a famous artist. Leute from the Amt decided this time that brown color will be fashion next year so they überweised the MONEY. And then started her factory poem production with some drops of dirt and distinguished melancholy. Artistic melancholy, if you know what i mean.


Somebody gets a free chair for me and then i know i m on the right way but someone gets offended und then i get insulted and forced to leave the gathering. They call two
Because of being insulted they didn t call her –nie wieder- so she had to look for other friends. But the new friends wouldn t accept her because of her too cosmopolitan style and tried to get rid of her by ... to the chinese water torture.
One waterdrop per second.


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