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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ernesto en berlin

Ah, dear friends,ah dear artists:

This was a very hard working weekend somehow. Many rehearsals and less money.
Being yesterday late at two in the nightbus took me to a dreamy state of imagination and then i realized why this place where we live is beginning not only to suck but to stink.
I thought about why most of the artists of this country are so bad. I thought as well why most of the artists of this country don t seem to know how irrelevant and silly is what they produce.


Imagine you ve born in place where the only priority of people is not to work. To be on holidays as long as possible and to look as young as possible at any cost.

Imagine that very complicated historical reasons turn your national territory into the border with the evil comunist empire. Imagine that in order to avoid the invasion of the evil, the lords of war give you or your parents a lot of money to built up what was destroyed during a long war of absolute destruction.

Imagine that the memory is danger and history is a liar.

Imagine that you ve been told at the school than the higher „people“ should not work. That leisure is the identity of the lords on the same way that work is the identity of the slaves.

Imagine that the modern art tradition in your country tried to tear down any kind of academicism and any kind of technical related commitment. Imagine that concept runs the business and other works are considered to be an exotic handcraft from the third world.

Imagine that you and your whole country are living out of the effort and work from people of the third world. Imagine that you don t give a shit ab out that fact.

With the smallest effort to the highest profit- says your slogan. You are an homo economicus and so is your head and your heart. Relationships are just a matter of invest. Time is a matter of goal , of means to an end. In Art is the same as well. Due to the uncapacity of the public to understand your more evoluted langauge, you try to save time , effort and energy by giving them what they want. Which is what you always wanted to do in order to be listened.

You request at your closest unemployment office or at the students association some money to develop a very important project about the mistreated women in the ,lets say, islamic countries. You ask for the support of your teacher, Frau Something, always dressed in black and always very bad humoured tells you that your project is very interesting and that your univeryity department would be interested on supporting your work and your travel to, let s say Iran or Egipt.

You are,of course , either a performance or a video artist. This time is better to choose the video work. The good think by performance and video art is that most of the public can not evaluate how much work you have put inside your master piece. New technologies help to fool the ignorants and make everything easier. New technologies are expensive , so no one without money will ever get there. No one without money will ever be able to compete.

Put a dog in your masterpiece... and a bycicle!



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